Use, application and properties of Linseed Oil

The fact, that linseed oil is one of the most important vegetable oils for human health is known for quite some time now. It consists of Essential Fatty Acid (EFA), which have significant meaning in creation of some hormones and in functioning of blood vessels. Of course, linseed oil contains also other very relevant properties for human health. It supports digestive, nerve and immune system. It helps in mental and physical development, fulfils needs of fetus on EFA. Linseed oil is also very often used during conditioning treatments.

Linseed oil has soothing and regenerative properties. It is dedicated for oily, sensitive, prone to irritations and acne skin. This product counter blackheads, removes impurities from the surface of the skin and heals painful dermatological changes. It will handle dandruff, psoriasis, scalp dryness or improper work of sebaceous glands. Linseed oil smoothers, softens and moisturises hair. Protects them against split ends and harmful UV radiation. Prevents hair loss and brittleness.

Very popular method of conditioning is oil treatment or use of oils for hair masks. Linseed oil will be perfect for this use. Apply oil on the entire hair length; do not forget about scalp, and leave it on for an hour or over the night. Time of individual treatment depends on length of hair and their damage. After the treatment wash your hair and apply conditioner, which can be rinsed.

Linseed oil is extracted from common flax seeds, plant from the Middle East, where it is cultivated for thousands of years. It has characteristic aroma and yellowish colour. This oil isn’t resistant to heat, so it shouldn’t be used for frying. In the -20°C it becomes soft mass. Original and natural linseed oil should be cold pressed and unrefined. It has to be stored in a proper conditions: in a bottle made of dark glass and away from light, humidity, air and contrasting temperatures. Only then the product will preserve its conditioning and medical properties.

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