What should you know about linseed oil?

Linseed oil is extracted by cold pressing from common flax. This way is obtained yellowish liquid with intense aroma. Its medical properties have already been known in the antiquity; it is used also (though in some cases not so much any more) in a cosmetology, food, industry and art, but also as a dietary supplement. Linseed oil counts to group of drying oils. It has very short expiration date, is not suitable for frying and below 20°C turns into soft mass.

Linseed oil contains many ingredients, which are necessary for right functioning of the human organism. We can enumerate: proteins, phytosterols, vitamins (A, B, E), unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic and oleic) and saturated fatty acids. Those ingredients take care of: digestive system, the cardiovascular system, nerve and the immune system, condition of skin, hair and nails, correct weight, transformation of food into energy, mental state. Linseed oil can be used for massage, OCM face cleanse and make-up removal of waterproof make-up. It nourishes skin of face and body and improves finger nails condition.

The most popular use of linseed oil is oil treatment. How does this treatment look like? On the entire length of hair we apply the product, then comb hair and make a tight plait. This treatment should be done over night, and in the morning hair should be washed with shampoo, without SLS. As a last point you should apply conditioner that should be rinsed. Oil treatment should be performed twice a week. After about three months of systematic use you will notice first effects. What does linseed oil give to hair?

Linseed oil closes cuticles and makes streaks smooth, glossy and soft. Product ensures hair with healthy gloss, improvement of condition and deep moisture. Hair stop frizzing and electrifying. Linseed oil regenerates split ends, makes combing easier and protects them against high temperatures during blow drying, straightening and permanent wave. Furthermore, cosmetic influences the scalp. Helps prevent eczema and psoriasis, heals dandruff and regulates work of sebaceous glands. It stimulates hair growth and prevents premature graying.

Linseed oil has really short expiration date. That is why it should be kept in a bottle made of dark glass, away from light and humidity. Exposed to sun radiation go rancid, looses its properties and nourishing ingredients. Remember! Linseed oil can be also used for ingestion as a dietary supplement.

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