Hair Bath in Linseed Oil

Linseed oil is extracted from common flex seeds, plant believed to have medical properties. Its properties were known already about eight thousands years ago and was described in Bible and by Hippocrates. Why is this plant so popular?

Its amazing properties, linseed oil owes to content of vitamins and fatty acids. Mainly, vitamins E, A and B, but also Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9. In a large part those ingredients are responsible for proper work of systems and internal organs in human’s body. Linseed oil is responsible for condition of face skin and nails. It moisturises, cleanses pores, helps with acne, regenerates skin irritations and dry skin and restores lipid layer of skin. Linseed oil smoothers and makes skin elastic, prevents wrinkles and dry skin. And how does linseed oil influences scalp and hair?

Linseed oil improves condition of streaks. Perfectly moisturises and smoothers hair, providing them with attractive look. It makes combing and drying easier and more pleasant treatments. This product covers streaks with invisible layer, which main task is to protect hair against sun radiation, pollution and harmful external factors. It restores damaged ends and regenerates external hair structure. Linseed oil has positive influence on scalp. It strengthens roots, boosts micro-circulation, provides better oxygen supply to follicles and helps with dandruff, psoriasis and itching. Linseed oil prevents hair loss and brittleness.

Of course, the most popular way of hair care is oil treatment. Sometimes this treatment is called oil hair bath. Why? Because many women use linseed oil as an addition to water, in which they later wash hair. So the treatment would be 100% effective, and easy, you need to prepare large bowl with warm water and natural linseed oil. In the made this way brew, wash hair for few minutes, and then put on a plastic cap or a towel. After about an hour wash hair with a shampoo. On washed streaks apply conditioner for rinse. Treatment should be done once a week for about two or three months.

If you want linseed oil to preserve its properties and be used as a conditioning cosmetic, you need to store it properly. Keep product away from light, humidity, fluctuations in temperature, oxygen and air. Otherwise, oil can go rancid, i.e. simultaneous hydrolysis and oxidation. That is why, when you purchase this product note its packaging, composition and country of origin.

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